In the beginning

There was a point in my life where I was unable to get a job and was having trouble paying monthly bills. One day I received an email which seemed so genuine that it struck a personal cord promising a solution to my problems by offering an opportunity to generate a lucrative supplemental income. Thinking my prayers had been answered, at last I had found a solution to my problems. So, with great faith and enthusiasm, I was all in.

At this time a coach was assigned to help me get started and guide me through the training. As I progressed through the training, it appeared I would have the opportunity to obtain the life style I had always wanted; one where I could enjoy travel, leisure, and time to spend with family and friends. So, I made a full time commitment to to see this through.


Initially the cost of training was bootstrapped, but all too quickly my personal funds were depleted. A solution, recommended by my coach, would fund the cost of the program through the use of credit cards obtained through a third party. As he explained it, these cards would be paid off with money I made through the company before the interest free period had run out. Gullible, I dove right in without fully understanding what I was getting myself into. Suffice it to say I would later regret this action with much anguish.  Once the accounts were active I had the funding to continued the training which included visits to summits and on site training at expensive resorts to help with getting my business up and running. These events included guest speakers and all had great testimonials on how they became successful through the company.

As it turned out, the main focus of these events was to encourage attendees to purchase the speaker’s products and services, to upgrade to higher levels of training, and/or invest in expensive mentoring programs. At one of these events, I was motivated to purchase a group mentoring program. When I attended the coach was rushing and did no one-on-one training. If we were having trouble keeping up we were told it was our fault if we could not learn. Disappointed, but naive and optimistic, I continued on.


Near the end of my training I was suddenly caught off guard to learn the company I had invested so much in had been shut down by the FTC for improper business practices. Needless to say my life was turned upside down. By this time I had invested so much in training, advertising, travel, hotels, having a web site and blog set up, and other costly incidentals to promote this venture that I was thrust into insurmountable debt. Left struggling to make ends meet, my self esteem plummeted. I felt betrayed.

Wishing won’t make it go away

Forced to confront this problem head-on, I became desperate. Not knowing what to do, and without realizing it, I was drawn into the shinny object syndrome as I sought ways to solve my problem. These “shiny object” ventures offered the promise of quick income, usually by following a few simple steps, but inevitably these easy step plans did not pan out.

Going from one endeavor to another and getting nowhere, I was slipping deeper in debt while pursuing an unending quest to find a solution to my financial situation. Deep in despair, the realization finally came that this is not the way! I learned through my mistakes that foremost, you should know your limitations! Following that one should maintain critical insight, stay levelheaded, avoid poor preparation, stay committed, and don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and intuition to guide you.

Coming full circle, I see the error of my ways. I had to learn the hard way not to engage in fruitless undertakings, and to steer clear of shallow promotions. It is my hope that these experiences will enable others to learn from my mistakes.

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    4 replies to "Mistakes I made in internet marketing"

    • Stuart Smyth

      Hi Robert,
      Good sensible advice!
      Contacting you to see if you have joined the Ambassador Program and if you have had any success with it.

      Many thanks,


      • rpmorrison

        Thanks for your comments. This was my first post and I am still much in the learning mode. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to reply to your comments, but I think I got the hang of it. I did join the Ambassador Program, but have been so busy I haven’t had time to do anything yet. I hope in coming days I’ll get caught up sufficiently to get started with it.

    • Dave Thomas

      Bob, I assume you are talking about M**E and I had started the training, but luckily they were shut down as I was being groomed to invest more money in “training”. I dread to think how much more I would have been caught for if I had continued.

      All the best with John’s course as I really need to get back into the swing of it as I dropped away before I fully completed the training

      • Robert Morrison

        Thanks for your comments. Yes we are talking about the same company. Many lives were affected by
        this experience. You were lucky to get away with minimal loss. I was not so lucky. If possible, you
        need to get back into John’s training. I don’t know the reason you “dropped away,” but you should
        consider getting back in. It is there for you and if you stick to it and commit to the training
        you should do OK. If I can help in any way, let me know.

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